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Country Style Pâté, Spicy Mild: 1 Package

Each bite is an adventure and will delicately pop your taste buds. Experience the mmmm! Minimum order 3 packages.

Our new country style pâtés offer an added punch of flavors to the products people have come to love. While keeping to our family traditions, we have spiced up our country pâté with a mouth popping portion of mild cracked pepper. Each bite is its own adventure and will delicately excite your taste buds. Like all of our delicious products, it can be enjoyed on a cracker or become the focus of a wonderful meal.

Experience the mmm! Think Outside The Cracker and spice up your headcheese experience! While maintaining Malone’s authentic preparation techniques, our special country style pates have created a flavor that is unrivaled to any others and is sure to please your taste buds.

Looking for the spicy pâté version?

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