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Mild Hog Headcheese: 1 Loaf

A loaf of heavenly delight. Pairs fantastically with your favorite vegetable, bread, cracker and beverage of choice!

Try Malone’s classic mild hog head cheese delicacy. This award-winning recipe is a combination of all-natural, 100 percent meat and mouth-watering seasonings. Since the 1950’s, this Malones’ mild hog head cheese has been known as a great cracker snack but has developed into a versatile ingredient that’s add a flavor twist to familiar dishes. The natural ingredients give it a delectably traditional down South headcheese taste.

See what fabulous dishes and creations you can come up with! Our mild headcheese pairs fantastically with your favorite vegetable, bread, meat, cracker and beverage. Experience it whichever way you want, we guarantee a flavorful dish! Think Outside The Cracker.

Need a smaller portion? You can order individual slices of pork head cheese from our online store (Minimum order: 3 Slices).

Think Outside The Cracker.


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