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Authentic Headcheese With Southern Flair Serving Communities for Over 60 Years

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Since the '60s, we’ve been fulfilling Headcheese orders & filling stores' deli departments across the Midwest. What first started as a holiday treat turned into a growing specialty meat distributor with international reach. Visit any of our vendors' locations to purchase our famous Southern-Style Hot Headcheese.

Hot Headcheese

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Rag Bologna

Fully Cooked & Ready to Eat

Mild Headcheese

Just Like Mom's

Hot Headcheese

Most Popular Wisconsin authentic Hot Headcheese

Rag Bologna

Fully Cooked & Ready to Eat Wisconsin authentic Rag Bologna

Mild Headcheese

Just Like Mom's Wisconsin authentic Mild Headcheese
Hot Souce Cheese, Mild Headcheese and Rab Bologna for sale
Spice up your party platter Best Rag Bologna salad homemade mild headcheese


I love the mild souse it reminded me of my mom in South Carolina. It is so delicious. It brings back childhood memories. Such a good product!

Betty Brown

This is the most superb head cheese I've ever bought. I brought other brands that are not as good. My mom and another relative can make homemade head that is just as excellent. They use to sell at my neighborhood store but now I can't find it anywhere. I was so happy to get this brand. Oh and my mom is a fan too of this headcheese.

Stafaine Scott

The Headcheese reminds me of what my mother made for the family and the neighbors when I was a child. She does not make it anymore. She is 91 but she still loves it. I have told so many people who eat it to try Malone's and they love it as well. I have even told people at the deli when they were about to order a well-known Chicago brand. I went to your website and now I can understand why it tastes like my mom's. Thank you.

Tywander Bush

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Today, you can find Glorious Malones Fine Sausages at 40 store locations in the Milwaukee area. We distribute to local deli shops like Chambers Food Market to larger supermarket stores like Cermak - the Midwest’s leading supermarket chain for international foods and quality meats. Contact us today to become a distributor of Wisconsin’s favorite headcheese.

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Meet Glorious

Founder of Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage, Inc.

Glorious began making her headcheese as a treat for her family during holidays. After seeing how much her family and friends loved it, Glorious and her husband George began selling their delicious Hot Souse Headcheese in a neighborhood store at the corner of 6th and Hadley Street on Milwaukee’s north side. Malone’s Sausage began increasing in popularity which led Glorious to begin selling to small corner stores in Chicago. With the help of her family, they began reaching markets throughout the Midwest. Today, you can find Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausages 12,000-square-foot-plant at 300 W Walnut St. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

From reputable publications to trusted online platforms, discover why Glorious Malone's local business has captured the community's heart. 

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Headcheese can be devoured in many ways. It can be included in a charcuterie board, mixed in with a white sauce pasta, or served as sliders for a Monday Night Football snack. Browse through some of our favorite recipes!

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