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Rag Bologna
Rag Bologna (3lb)
Hot and Spicy Rag Bologna
Spicy Rag Bologna (3lb)

Rag Bologna Selections

Immerse yourself in the unique and savory world of our rag bologna selections, expertly crafted to offer a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. From the classic rag bologna to the boldly spicy rag bologna, our lineup promises a symphony of tastes that will captivate your palate. Dive into the exceptional quality of Glorious Malone’s Rag Bologna – where each bite is a journey into delicious distinction.

Rag Bologna Pairing Recommendations

Enhance the rich and savory flavors of our rag bologna with our thoughtfully curated pairing recommendations. Whether you prefer the classic or the bold spice of our varieties, these suggestions will elevate your tasting adventure. Consider these exquisite pairings to complement the diverse profiles:

  • Crusty Artisan Bread: The perfect canvas to appreciate the texture and taste of our Rag Bologna, whether you choose the classic or spicy version.
  • Tangy Chutney: Add a burst of vibrant flavor that harmonizes beautifully with both the traditional and spicy notes of our Rag Bologna.
  • Aged Cheeses: Explore the depth of flavors by pairing our Rag Bologna with a selection of aged cheeses, creating a delightful contrast in taste.

Rag Bologna Recipes

Embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the unique and savory essence of our Rag Bologna. Discover a collection of carefully crafted recipes designed to accentuate the rich and distinctive flavors of this artisanal delight.

Fried Rag Bologna Sandwich

Fried Rag Bologna on a Brioche Bun topped with dijon mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and a fried egg.

Fried Rag Bologna Sandwich Recipe

Fried Bologna Sliders

A delightful blend of savory goodness nestled between soft buns and your favorite toppings.

Fried Bologna Sliders Recipe

Rag Bologna Salad

A dynamic fusion of fresh ingredients and the savory richness of our rag bologna.

Rag Bologna Salad Recipe

Bologna Fried Rice:

Rich and savory notes of rag bologna sauteed with rice and vegetables create a delightful fusion.

Pig’s Fried Rice Recipe

Check out all of our online headcheese recipes or buy our headcheese cookbook for more ideas.

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