Malone’s Fine Sausage Recipe Book


Never have a dull headcheese dish again with Malone's Fine Sausage Recipe book. This comprehensive guide is filled with a variety of recipes for headcheese dishes that are suitable for any occasion. Whether you're a seasoned chef looking to add some new twists to your headcheese dishes or a beginner who is just learning to cook with this unique ingredient, this recipe book has something for everyone. With step-by-step instructions and helpful tips, you'll be able to create delicious and impressive headcheese dishes.


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This is the most superb head cheese I've ever bought. I brought other brands that are not as good. My mom and another relative can make homemade head that is just as excellent. They use to sell at my neighborhood store but now I can't find it anywhere. I was so happy to get this brand. Oh and my mom is a fan too of this headcheese. Read More

Stafaine Scott

Purchased the Hot Headcheese truly absolutely delicious. I love it and definitely will purchase it again. Read More

Harvest Vision Ministries

I love the mild souse it reminded me of my mom in South Carolina. It is so delicious. It brings back childhood memories. Such a good product! Read More

Betty Brown

The Headcheese reminds me of what my mother made for the family and the neighbors when I was a child. She does not make it anymore. She is 91 but she still loves it. I have told so many people who eat it to try Malone's and they love it as well. I have even told people at the deli when they were about to order a well-known Chicago brand. I went to ... Read More

Tywander Bush

You guys are great... Just wish more places will serve your products... Because I have to travel a distance just to purchase it... Also, wish there was a way I could re-try your hog headcheese with the super vinegar taste... I could tell you guys cut back on the vinegar ... But Amazing Job on your Hog headcheese... There's nothing better than Glori... Read More

Shy W

I grew up in Milwaukee and remember when it was only sold in bars and taverns. Now I live in Minneapolis and there's 3 places that sell it. #HappyCamper Read More

Julian Johnson

The photos make the sausage look so wonderful. I cannot wait to give these products a try. I never knew it could be served in so many ways. I expect that all will go well with some fine Milwaukee Beer. Read More

Gene Wright

I'm from Memphis and currently live in California. This is the best Headcheese I have had in 30 yrs... Read More

Angela Rogers

A pure Milwaukee favorite, they offer many different styles and flavors of headcheese. Read More

Jim McGuigan

The best Hot Hog's Headcheese in the country! Read More

Tiffany G