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What can you expect from 2014 as far as food goes? From desserts to culture to even where you can get food, some innovations could be made. Here are what experts are claiming will be the top trends in food for 2014. 


Dessert first!

Cupcakes and traditional desserts are making their way out for stranger combinations, such as dessert pizza (which just happens to be one of my favorite desserts). Also, expect ice cream sandwiches to get a fancier makeover.


Would you like paper or plastic with that?

With the popularity of mobile grocery shopping on the rise, experts are saying that certain stores are starting to implement the idea of “drive-thru shopping”: ordering ingredients and products on line, then going to a drive-thru window at the store to pick them up.


I left my heart – and stomach – in Indianapolis.

The Food Channel has midwestern foods as their top food trend this year. Expect to see restaurants incorporating more simple and hearty choices which include local ingredients, root vegetables, and steak. Good news for us Milwaukeeans!


These are just a few of the many trends predicted for 2014. Keep your eyes – and mouth – open, and let us know what you think will be trending in 2014 for food! - Amy


- Amy



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