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300 W. Walnut Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Phone: (414) 264-9894
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Hot Pâté

Hot Pâté

Glorious Malone's hot pâtés will put the most pleasurable smiles on your face!  Their mouth popping flavors will delight you time and time again!  You won't be able to stop yourself from enjoying their unique tastiness every chance you get!  Share these all natural Wisconsin hand crafted pork delicacies and hot pâté anytime.  We invite you to place your order today!

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Country Pâté, Jazzy Hot, 1 Pac...

Simply served on a cracker with a glass of your favorite vintage... cool jazz on a hot eve...

Country Pâté, Smoked Hot: 1 Pa...

This is pure deliciousness! A hot seasoned delight with hot smoked paprika! Minimum orde...

Malone's Fine Sausage Recipe B...

Looking for delicious recipes for our headcheese? This recipe book has everything you need...